Reinventing The Way You Work Is Within Arm's Reach.
At Restart Consulting, we are on a mission to reinvent the way we work. Gone are the days of lifetime
employment. We’re in an age of free agents, technological disruption, and a diverse workforce. So, what does this
mean for your organization, your leaders and your employees? We’ll help you navigate these exciting times by:
Are your leaders frustrated and burned out by the enormous pressures in today’s fast paced world of work? Our New Leader Change Model (™) helps leaders get up to speed quickly and expertly navigate their role as a leader in your organization.
Your performance management process isn’t working. You’ve invested enormous sums of money in high potential leadership programs, yet you still can’t identify leaders. Let’s repair broken processes that hinder your organization from growth.
Are you developing the diverse talent that exists inside your organization? We coach high potential, high performing women and people of color so that your organization has the diversity of thought, background and skills to excel now and into the future.