At Restart Consulting, we help organizations reinvent the workplace.

I believe there is a better way of working and a world in which we can be energized and excited by what we do.

My goal is to help you reimagine the way you work by tapping into the innate potential of your leaders and transforming your culture.

I understand that…

  • you are frustrated because your HR processes aren’t working anymore. (Welcome to the future of work!)
  • your new leaders are thrust into roles for which they are unprepared, which equates to a negative impact on your bottom line
  • you are overwhelmed by the ever-evolving workplace – multiple generations, new technology and a breakneck pace that leads to burnout and turnover

I understand how you are feeling, because I was there myself.

My passion for reinventing work is rooted in my own career, working as an HR leader and consultant for twenty years.

I personally saw many people processes that didn’t “work” for the workplace anymore. Not only is that unfulfilling, but extremely frustrating. And it didn’t matter the size of the organization, industry, or geography.

It was soul-crushing to support archaic HR processes I knew were no longer helping today’s organizations and employees.

That is why I’m passionate about helping leaders excel and organizations, like yours, transform the workplace.

If want to reinvent your workplace, let’s work together! You can get in touch with me here to discuss next steps.

About DisruptHR

October 19, 2016 | Chicago

DisruptHR is an information exchange designed to energize, inform and empower executives, business leaders and professionals in the vast and important fields of Human Resources. We are about blowing up the norms to which we’ve fallen prey, innovating, and creating a more meaningful, rewarding, and engaging experience from this thing called work.