The 5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Leadership

As I write this, tears are welling in my eyes. Last week, I heard the devastating news that no pet owner wants to hear. My beloved dog, Dunkin, was gravely ill and would not be on life’s journey very long. As a first time pet owner, I never comprehended how difficult and painful hearing those … Continued

Top Ten Reasons You Must Attend DisruptHR Chicago

I am thrilled beyond words to be the co-founder of DisruptHR Chicago!   Our third event will take place on Wednesday, April 26 at 1871, so grab a ticket before we sell out. If you’re wondering, what the heck is DisruptHR Chicago? Then read my top ten reasons why this is a must attend event: 1) Great speakers: we have the … Continued

A Few Good Women & Men You Need to Know

I spend a great deal of my waking hours thinking about disruption and innovation. That could mean either one of three things: 1) I don’t have enough to do 2) I’m nuts or 3) I’m insanely passionate about the topic (I’ll stick with number three). I truly believe the way we work is at a … Continued

A Dozen Days of Disruption: Nicole Dessain

Nicole is on a mission to turn business on its head!  She is the founder of Talent.Imperative and the Co-Founder of DisruptHR Chicago. During our chat, Nicole talks about how she’s helping organizations uncover the hidden power of people.

A Dozen Days of Disruption: Diamond Greer

Designing for the #human…that’s what Diamond Greer is passionate about.  Diamond is a HR Analyst at Grosvenor Capital Management and the Co-Founder of Let’s Vibe, a collaborative community that connects and develops diverse women intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.  Diamond chats with us about the importance of creating human-centered processes that benefit both the employer AND the employee.

A Dozen Days of Disruption: Kate North

Why can’t we all just get along? To find out how HR, Facilities and IT can make a tremendous impact on the workplace experience, take a listen to Kate North.  Kate is the Founder of Workplace I.Q and the Global Chair of the Workplace Evolutionaries.  She tells us how to bridge the gap between these … Continued

A Dozen Days of Disruption: Liz Theresa

Do you have a personal brand? To find out just why it’s so important and how it contributes to an improved workplace experience, check out this interview with Liz Theresa. Liz is the founder of where she helps women launch and build online businesses they love.